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All our loans are PERSONAL regardless of how you plan to use the money. Its about you – not how you intend to use the funds. You and your needs and condition are at the very heart of our process. We begin our process by helping you to understand your financial condition – frankly, if you are not financially healthy that isn’t good for you, us or our country.

We provide loans micro, small and pay day loans.

Micro Loans ($5000-10,000) — primarily made to low-income individuals for consumer purchases and micro-entrepreneurs for business-related expenses. Micro loans are most often used domestic purposes.

Small Loans ($11,000 -20,000) — primarily made to individuals and small business for business-related expenses.

Pay Day Loans ($21,000-30,000) — primarily offered to individuals who requires the maximum loan amount to cover emergencies. This loan will be payable (in full) the month preceding disbursement of funds.