A&N Loan Hub is a new  and exciting  form of  Personal Credit that offers customers loans between $5,000.00 and $150,000.00. With A&N Loans there are zero fees guaranteed unless you are approved and  as such the total interest amount on your loan will never change. 


Once you have decided on an amount you would  like to borrow and the repayment period you may utilize our loan calculator to give you an estimate of your repayment amount. A&N offers you the opportunity to apply online with quick and easy steps at your comfort. If accepted your loan will then be transferred to your bank account within an hour by either NCB E-link or Scotia Direct Credit.


Repayments will be debited from your account automatically either by NCB E-LINK or SCOTIA DIRECT DEBIT.

Your repayments are tied to your salary, hence you will not be asked to pay outside your salary schedule. All your payments will be collected on the same day each week/fortnightly/monthly until the end of your contract as stated on the payment schedule you will receive, if your payment falls on a public holiday it will be due before said holiday.

A&N values you as a part of our family and will ensure that you are always satisfied our Customer Care Team is always willing to assist contact us on 876-667-4501, 876-925-2080, 876-348-9890

We have a new approach to lending that sets us apart from other loan providers                      

  • We offer loans as low as  $5000.00 and as high as $150,000.00. As our relationship grows we  offer you up to $350,000.00 subject to affordability.


  • You can choose to make your payments in manageable segments


  • There are a number of terms to choose from to suit your budget


  • There are zero fees before you are approved


  • A member of our team is only a phone call  and can be contacted on 876-667-4501, 876-925-2080, 876-348-9890

New Clients are given one – four months (1-4) for repayment, however,  clients may also be considered for additional time if required. Our team are always willing to assist.

Why not try our simple loan calculator to find pout what is affordable for you or click here to apply today

As a new customer, you can borrow between $5,000 and $150,000.00 subject to affordability.

At A&N Loan Hub we guarantee that you will only pay the interest you agreed to on your contract.

This sets us apart from many of our competitors who may add to the total cost of your loan throughout the term of your loan for a variety of reasons.

We do not add any charges or fees outside of what is outlined on your promissory note/loan agreement.

This is a form provided by National Commercial Bank to A & N loan Hub Limited to facilitate your loan payment. This form is issued to you by A & N Loan Hub Ltd., once you are approved for a loan you will then take this form to any NCB branch and have them sign and authorized.

Scotia direct debit is a facility provided by Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica (BNS), which is similar to NCB E-Link provide us with the ability to collect your payment electronically.

Applying for a loan

    • To complete your application for a direct loan you will need: 
    • A valid email address and mobile number
    • Identification (government Issued)
    • TRN
    • Proof Address information for the past three years
    • Last Three months transaction Print of Account
    • Job Letter or Staff ID

    Also you must:

    • Be aged between 18 and 67
    • Be a Jamaican  resident
    • Must have a guarantor
    • Agree to A & N Loan Hub Ltd credit check

    Visit our online application form to apply now or if you’d like more information, please visit our Loan Calculator or speak to one of our capable loan officers online

As part of your application for a loan from A & N Loan Hub Ltd., you will be asked to consent to a credit check being carried out on you, which will help us to decide whether we are able to lend to you. This credit check is proportionate to the loans we offer so you do not need to have a perfect credit file.


Currently OUR credit check is limited to:

  • Checking your employment status with your employers   
  • Checking/Verifying your bank details you provided
  • Checking/Verifying your credit history with other loan/financial institutions


Click here if you’d like to apply for a loan with A & N Loan Hub Ltd now.


We are committed in helping people find the right financial support. If you would like advice on how to apply for a loan, or if you feel as though you are struggling with debt, we could help.  Call us Digicel: 876-667-4501, Flow: 876-925-2080, Digicel: 876-348-9890

Once you have completed our simple loan application form (online or visit our location) and attach the necessary documents your application will be processed. If approved loans are disbursed between 6.00am to 11.30pm, or( by the end of business day.)

You can apply online for a loan whenever it suits you.           
If you would like to apply for a loan with us, visit our website and apply online application form today or come in and apply.  

Typically if you are not approved for a loan, someone from A & N loan Hub will contact you and advice you of the same. At that time you may ask us all question you may have, we will find a solution that will suit your needs.

As a responsible lender we need to make sure you can afford the loan and your repayments are manageable when you apply for a loan. We do this by checking your income details as part of your credit check. Sometimes the income information we get back does not correspond so we ask you to supply your pay slips or other proof of your income to help us process your loan. We will let you know if we need to verify your income during your application.

Managing your loan

Currently you are unable to log in but as we continue to grow we will incorporate this option  to make it even easier for you to manage your account.

At A & N Loan Hub Ltd we believe in making our customers comfortable we take pride in the wellbeing of our customers and as such we offer personal support and advise to our customers, if you are unable to pay your loan, please speak to our loan Team as soon as possible by calling  Digicel: 876-667-4501, Flow: 876-925-2080, Digicel: 876-348-9890.


P You may also whatsapp us or speak to any of our capable loan officers via online messaging; we’ll do our best to help.

If you miss a repayment on your loan, please speak to our loan Team by calling on Digicel: 876-667-4501, Flow: 876-925-2080, Digicel: 876-348-9890.  You may also whatsapp us or speak to any of our capable loan officers via online messaging.


If you pay late, pay less than the contracted amount or miss a payment, you may contact our office for details on any fees that may apply. However all fees are outlined in your promissory note up on approval for a loan.

You should be aware that it could make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future if you miss or make late repayments as we share this information with credit reference agencies and missing or making late payments could have serious future consequences.

Yes you can settle your payment early  


If you would like to repay your loan early, please call our Collections team by calling on Digicel: 876-667-4501, Flow: 876-925-2080, Digicel: 876-348-9890.  You may also whatsapp us or speak to any of our capable loan officers via online messaging.

Yes you can, simply call our loan officers at on Digicel: 876-667-4501, Flow: 876-925-2080, Digicel: 876-348-9890.  You may also whatsapp us or speak to any of our capable loan officers via online messaging and they’ll be happy to help.