Personal Loan

Our personal loans will provide  you with  the opportunity of receiving a loan that helps, to meet those pressing financial needs such as  utilities, home renovation or debt consolidation.

Pay-Day Loan

Our Payday loans gives you the option of receiving maximum allocation on loans. It’s for the days when you have a sudden personal emergency and you need financing immediately.

Emergency Loans

Our Emergency Loan helps you to attend to those unforeseen medical and personal emergencies. We help you to pay your hospital bills and fill your prescription.


Our mantra of providing affordable loans is a business model that will allow the company to offer reliable financial returns and significant social returns to its investors, while providing a valuable service to its borrowers. “We believe in taking the loan to YOU.”

Trust Worthy


Customer Oriented


What Our Clients Say

  •  "I deal with many Loan companies over the years and I have to applaud A & N Loan Hub for their wonderful service and quick turnaround time. Ashia Brownie, my loans officer, does a wonderful job communicating with me and whenever I call their office, she is always there to answer any question I have. It is my pleasure to work with your team and I am thankful for the support, information, laughs, and everything your team assists me with each time I contact them! I know that when I need a loan in a hurry, your team always comes through for me!Keep up the great work and I will continue to refer co-workers and business acquaintances to A & N Loan Hub Limited. You do a wonderful job and I truly enjoy doing business with everyone there!!”
    Garfield Marcel Downie
    Wisynco Group
  • “From first contact with A & N I found their team to be very responsive and adaptable to my various and challenging needs, while remaining focused, customer friendly and productive. Additionally, A & N has a sharp understanding of business processes and technology environment, by utilizing various communication tools, such as emails (where I was able to send and receive my documentations for loan processing) Hence didn’t need to leave my office; Whatsapp which has offered us the added benefit of quick and direct communication without disrupting my work flow.I also had the opportunity of referring clients and earn J$5,000.00 cash….this is awesome"
    Saleicha Elizabeth Campbell
    Consolidated Bakery